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Helper paperwork question

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    Helper paperwork question

    We are currently in the process of hiring a helper whose contract is being terminated early due to her current employer leaving the country. She showed us the termination letter and states they submitted it to immigration on June 13th. I am meeting with her this week to go over the completed paperwork and she said she will take it to the immigration and consulate for processing.

    My question is, if her contract then ends on July 14th (1 month from termination letter) and our paperwork is not approved by then, is she on her own for accommodation and such? I am due on August 2nd so we want to hurry the process as much as possible but I've read it will take 4 weeks for her to get everything necessary since her contract was terminated early.

    Also, for the standard employment contract it has a spot for a witness to sign. Are we able to just use anyone as a witness or do we have to go to a notarized person or the consulate to have this done?

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    I think you should be able to start her paperwork now. We submitted the paperwork for a change of employer 1 month before she ended her contract and she was with us the next day after leaving her employer.

    Anyone can witness the document signing, a friend neighbour. You do not need to pay for her accommodation while the papers are being processed. However, she can stay with you but she's not allowed to be working during this time.

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    You can submit papers 1-month before visa ends, but since the helper has been terminated then you can process beforehand. Regardless, in either of these situations, you can process paperwork now.

    To help expedite, I highly recommend writing a support letter. I submitted two- one from myself and one from my doctor since I had a high risk pregnancy and was put on bed rest. My doctor's letter also stated that I needed extra domestic help asap. Immigration processed my helper's visa in a week.

    Witness: Anyone can sign. Doesn't have to be notarized.

    Accommodation: Helper should live out until visa comes through.

    Hope this helps!

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