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Low Fetal Weight - HELP....

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    Low Fetal Weight - HELP....

    It's my first pregnancy and everything was going well until week 32. I caught a could off someone who was taking antibiotics (I unknowingly sat next to her for an hour before she mentioned it) and I was down with a bad cold for 2 weeks.

    My son was measuring ahead of the curve/average before that cold - ever since, however, he has fallen behind the curve. At my 34 week scan, my OBGYN already expressed concerns about the 200g weight gain (and minimal measurement gains) and suggested we start weekly monitoring. I started forcefeeding myself as much protein as I could. At the 35 week scan, he gained only 30g. 30g.

    I'm now seriously concerned about the fetal weight gain - I don't smoke nor do I drink. I've been taking prenatal vitamins religiously and so far there's nothing indicating why the baby's stopped growing! I've tried beefing up, drinking more milk, but all the weight gain's gone to me and not to the baby!

    Also, reading about increased risk of low fetal weight babies developing cardiovascular and obesity problems don't help....

    Does anyone out there have any experience with low fetal weight / low birth weight babies?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi fifihk ,

    So sorry you're going through this. Not sure if you've seen this thread on the same topic.

    Low birth weight?

    Smaller babies can also be genetic. Am glad your Dr is being proactive monitoring you frequently.
    Be prepared he may recommend having the baby early.


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    Hi FifiHK,

    My uncle's son was only 1.6kg when he was born, and he is very healthy. So please don't worry, the doctor will help you find a way out to solve this problem, stay calm and happy.

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