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Discovery Montessori School

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    Jul 2014

    Discovery Montessori School

    Has any mother who has kid starting little casa class not in August but some time later because your kid is not yet 2 in August? How was it like when your kid missed the orientation week? Also is there any old uniforms available? Thanks!

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    My son is November born and went to DMS (in DB) since he was 1 years old. We skipped Little Casa because he is not old enough to start in August, and by Nov-Jan, all the spots in the morning classes are filled up. I was reluctant to put him in the PM class as i believe, for kids under age 3, sleep is more important then school. If you can find a spot that fits your child's schedule in Little Casa by the time your child reaches age 2, yes, definitely go for it. If not, you always have the option of doing Little Casa in the summer, and then decide on keeping the child in Little Casa the next school year or skip ahead to Casa altogether.

    I do have a full set (boys) for sale--
    Original Price about HK$900. I'm selling them at over 50% off @ HK$400

    All in excellent condition:
    Short Sleeves Polo Shirt (2 pcs) [size 26]
    Long Sleeves Polo Shirt (2 pcs) [sizes 24, 26]
    Shorts (2 pairs) [size 26]
    French knit pants (3 pairs) [sizes 24, 26x2]
    Red cardigan [size 24]
    School Bag (with minor wear at the corner)

    Free with purchase: (not in the best condition)
    Short Sleeves Polo Shirt (3 pcs) [sizes 22, 24x2]
    French knit pants [sizes 22]

    Feel free to PM me if you're interested. Price is negotiable as i just don't want to see good clothes going to the waste.

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    Jul 2014

    Hi Jomama,

    Thanks for your reply. Mine is a girl born in September 2012 and she's been attending the DMS playgroup since she was 1. I have enrolled the whole day Little Casa class for her pretty early and the school has reserved a place for her, but she can only go to the class after she turns 2. But I'm now worrying if she can get used to the day long class alone especially we can't take advantage of the orientation week...

    I will PM you separately for the books and the uniforms. Thanks!

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