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Due Date - April 2015

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    Tori C is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2014

    Hi Fuzzie75

    Welcome, I'm also 39 and expecting on 6 April. First, if you'd like to join our WhatsApp group, then PM me your number and I will add you. We're meeting every couple of weeks for dinner, so we discuss a lot of these questions on a regular basis.

    I am going to Queen Mary as it's such a safe hospital to give birth at. The public system will always go with a VB and only C-sec if it's medically necessary. The private system here has an 80% C-sec rate. I know the other ladies are generally going to various private hospitals like Matilda or Sanitorium.

    I have just had the NIFTY test which is similar and it took 10 working days for the results to come back. The other ladies who have had it done in our group have had similar response times. I would definitely call them if it's been longer (but I wouldn't read anything into it).

    In terms of worrying about delivery time, I would recommend using Annerley Midwives. You can go to a free session that they have on Friday mornings which takes you through your options for giving birth in Hong Kong. They have a labour service where they will come to your house as soon as you go into labour and monitor you until you're ready to go in. People primarily use this service if they're going public as I think with a private hospital you can be admitted at any time into your private room.

    You can read through the thread above for various different OB recommendations. I am still seeing my private OB throughout the pregnancy, despite planning to give birth at the public hospital.

    The helper question is an interesting one. My other half and I are debating it at the moment, I think we will go for a full-time helper once the baby arrives. I'll be going back to work so I will need someone for childcare.

    Look forward to meeting you.

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    Fuzzie75 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2014

    Thanks Tori!

    Appreciate ur quick sharing!!
    We have such close delivery dates! Awesome!!

    I guess given the 2 PH we just had, I have to wait till next week for them to call for the results! Fingers crossed.

    Would love to join in the gatherings later but not before the protest is over. Currently living at mid levels and my usual 10 mins bus ride home from central has just turned to a gruelling 1.30hr journey!! Anyone else got affected?

    Will try to PM u my number later via laptop as the geobaby on mobile don't seem to work well. Nothing happen when I clicked on PM link.

    Meanwhile thanks for the recommendations. Will check it out!

    PS: anyone else still feeling nauseous after 13 weeks?

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    Fuzzie75 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2014

    Hi Tori,

    Have Pm u my contact. Did u manage to receive it?

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    Kim1978 is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2013

    Hi Fuzzy75,
    I'm due on April 3rd with my 3rd baby. I'll be delivering at Matilda - my first 2 were born there as well and my OB (Dr Alex Doo) is a resident Dr there. I do have maternity insurance which is a big factor, although i'd imagine most of the private hospitals are comparable in terms of pricing?

    For distance to hospitals and labour - don't worry too much about that. Labour with my first from first contraction to delivery was about 12 hours. I stayed at home for 6 of those, even when my contractions were about 6 mins apart. I was in touch with the midwives at Matilda throughout the time I was at home and they explained for a first time delivery early labour can take quite a long time.

    VB vs C-sections is a very personal choice. I don't have experience in the public system, but had a VB for my first and c-section for my I've don't both! Again, if you do have the choice, it's a very personals decision. I would hope that most Dr's would encourage you to have a VB if you wanted one, unless there was some medical reason otherwise.

    Hope this gives a bit of insight to your questions! Did you manage to get your test results yet?

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    DFan is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2014

    Hello mums and mums-to-be

    Hello mums and mums-to-be,

    I am expecting my second one in early April 2015 and I am seeing Dr. May Mok for the first time and have told her I might go down the public route for the delivery as I don't have insurance coverage. She was very understanding and even spent an hour with me for my first appointment, scanning and checking me all over. (I had Dr. Grace Cheung the first time round and she was just too busy for me - I delivered at Matilda which was great but expensive as I had no insurance). I fell pregnant within 7.5 months of my first one. My first OB recommended 9 months in between as I had a medically required C-section for my first as the baby was in breach. So I am worried the birth might be complicated although Dr. Mok seems to think anything 6 months apart should be fine. Does anyone have a similar experience? I would like to have natural birth this time.

    I am due for my first check up with the public system in a week's time. I thought it may be best to get on to the public system for a few pre-natal checks in addition to my private appointments with Dr. Mok just so I know what to expect.

    Wat are the key advantages between having a private midwife when opting for the public system? Is it extra helpful both pre and post delivery? Does it make the public system easier to cope with? Has anyone experienced public system with and without a private midwife? Please share your experiences.

    I would love to get together with other ladies of a similar delivery dates. Please let me know if there is a gathering some time?

    Thanks and looking forward to meeting you soon,

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    Fuzzie75 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2014

    Thanks Kim for your inputs! Always nice to hear from experienced mums sharing their journey.

    I'm hoping for VB, just hoping my recurring bad back will hold up.

    Currently, leaning to Canossa (only because it's near home and I heared they are pro BF) though fingers crossed as I'm waiting for the hospital to get back to us if its possible. Anyone else here is planning birth at Canossa? Matilda is out for me as I'm not insurance covered and its kinda steep.

    I just had my first check up with my new OBgyn today at 14weeks+. Quite funny seeing the little bud crossing and uncrossing its legs and doing those somersaults:) Everything looks good from head to toe so am pretty happy today.

    And yes!! I have finally received my SafeT21 results and test for Down came back negative. So I guess we feel better about sharing baby news with the old folks back home now. My man is Thinking of posting the scan pix back to them and we shall just wait for the "speedy" long distanced call from them. Ha!

    Hey Debra,

    Congrats to u! I guess I'm in the same range as you!! Mine is due in early april too!
    I believed there's a wed lunch gathering next week.
    U can PM Tori your contact and she will add u to the watsapp group for the April mummies:)


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    Karmaq is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2014

    Hi, and congratulations to all.
    Yes I'm due April 12th, it's my first time pregnant so would love to meet women in the same boat.
    Morning sickness is a 24 hour joy, but I would love to meet for a tea somewhere.
    Nice to meet you all!

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    usaraf is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2014

    Hi everyone, I have just recently relocated to HK and am about 14 weeks pregnant, due on April 13th! Super excited but nervous as well. Trying to navigate through the public system and plan to deliver at QMH.

    Figuring out registration at Tsan Yuk, Antenatal classes and Labour care! Phew.

    Would love to meet some of you to-be-moms to share experiences!

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