Hi All
a bit of background about myself. I am 33 years old and work in finance industry. I am overweight but not obese. I have been battling with fatigue, stress and sleep problems for years now. I got it checked around 10 years back and got sinoplasty done. I was then diagonosed with sleep apnea and put on Sleep apnea respirator. After a couple of years, I moved to HK, got another sleep study done and was told that teh sleep apnea has not subsided. I have it but within the upper end of a range considered Normal.
I have this constant fitigue especially in the morning. No matter if I wake up after sleeping for 6 hours or 9 hours, I never wake up feeling fresh. Then there is constant pain in my forehead, neck and shoulders and the muscles are very tense. btw I do feel stressed due to work and other things in life but I dont think I am depressed. These symptoms relive when I am with my family, friends, when I dine out etc.

Now I have seen normal doctors before but I want to try someone who really specializes in chronic fatigue, stress and other body ailments. I was searching on google and came across IMI and these doctors below who seem to specialize in fatigue related ailments (they seem to be homoepathic) . Please can you let me know if you have experience or have heard about any of them. Also if you know if any other doctor you think i svery good, please let me know.
Dr. Adam Friedman (ND)
Dr. Benita Perch (ND)
Angie Tourani - Adv Bodytalk Practitioner
Dr. Ardyce Yik (ND) - Registered Naturopathic Doctor
Tej BG - Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist
Thanks a lot!