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  • 2 Post By HKHelena

Working mums with 2 young babies - do you need 1 or 2 maids?

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    Working mums with 2 young babies - do you need 1 or 2 maids?

    Hi all,

    My baby girl is now 10 mths and I just found out that I'm expecting again! My husband and I are thrilled but I'm also wondering if I need to get a second helper since my girl will only be 1 yr 8 months by the time my 2nd pops. Both of us are from Singapore so we do not have the support of our parents. Would love to hear how others in similar situations manage.

    Thank you!

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    My kids are 14 months apart and both my husband and I work. We spoke to our helper and agreed we needed to get another. It's a good decision as it's really a lot of work for one person given that helpers do the housework too. If you're home and can do a lot it may be different.

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    Think it will be hard for 1 helper to manage everything. I would get her help too.

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    I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and have just returned to work. I also struggled with deciding whether to get another part-time helper. We discussed with our helper (who is excellent) and she was adamant that she would prefer to work alone. We decided to see how she went and could reassess as we would prefer her to be happy in her job. I've been back at work now for 4 weeks and when I get home each night both kids are happy, bathed and ready for bed and the house is spotless. We do live in a small apartment and she doesn't cook for us though. It's going ok so far.

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    Am In the same situation as well my kids will be 17 months apart, work full time , no family to help . Decided to take a second helper for a few years especially given current one has to take first baby to playgroup and stay throughout the session , wouldn't be possible with another baby and worried about losing her if she is too exhausted !
    Have friends whose helper also said she was fine with two kids on her own and she got on fine (they significantly increased her wage ). Other solution could be to share a helper with another family - one of my friends did this but she didn't like the lack of flexibility.

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    It was nice of you HKHelena to ask your helper if she'd like extra help and fantastic that you guys are doing well with just one helper. Some helpers prefer to work alone because the problem with having more than 1 helper is when the other tends to assess who does more "work" and then tries to bad mouth/sabotage the other.

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