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Seeking for advice on noises in apartment

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    Seeking for advice on noises in apartment

    3 months ago we moved to an apartment. As soon as after we moved we realised there's some noises from the apartment above us that vibrate the whole day above our bedrooms area, from early morning until around 2am after midnight. These noises bother us so much especially our sleeps and quite time. It's very loud and vibrating. But we had no idea what could it be.

    My husband reported to the landlord but they said the management office had to take care of it. My husband reported to management office but also not very cooperative. After a few weeks of waiting they measured the level of the noises but still didn't do anything.

    So my husband went to the apartment upstairs to find out. He only met two helpers and the kids of the family upstairs. One of the helper said the wife of the family could only speak Chinese so she didn't want to come out to see my husband, whereas the husband wasn't at home.

    The information from the helper my husband got was that this family has hot water pump that vibrates in their whole apartment and our apartment too whenever they use hot water. Even their kids said that the noises bother their sleep. They have the water pump for quite a while already, not just recently. Worse is that the wife of the family always takes a bath after midnight. That's why it's always still very noisy until around 2 am.

    After a long wait and emailing back and forth with the landlord, property company that we used to find the apartment and the building management company, the building management company agreed to come to measure the level of the noises again! And it's only after two months we lived in this apartment.

    Before the building management company came to measure to level of the noises, they already made an appointment with the family upstairs. But on the day when the building management company came, none of the wife and husband was home. They had no intention to solve the problem at all.

    The building management company later-on agreed to issue a letter to the family upstairs that they had to do something with the noises of their water pump. My husband also consulted a lawyer. The lawyer adviced us to write a legal letter that mentioned that if the family upstairs didn't do anything with the noises, we'll take a legal action. Then we went on summer holiday for a few weeks and returned just a few days ago.

    The noises are still there, no improvement at all. No feedback from the building management company either. My husband wrote them an eMail asking them to give a feedback but no reply.

    It's very frustrating for us. The noises have been bothering us a lot. We had no peace anymore living in the apartment especially in our bedrooms which is most important. If we stay home all Sunday we have to hear the noises all day from early morning until 2am after midnight.

    My questions are:

    - The landlord doesn't help us at all to solve this problem though they are also responsible to help us. We think that they actually knew about the noises but didn't inform us before we sign the rental contract. When we viewed this apartment a few times before we signed the rental contract it was only for a few minutes each time so we didn't hear/notice the noises. But everytime we came to view the apartment the landlord was always there and said that he was doing things in the apartment and was there the whole day to wait for people coming to view the apartment. So we're sure that he knew about the noises but didn't inform us. Or perhaps he already knew about the noises from the tenant before us.

    Could we terminate the contract soon and suit him to pay our compensation for not informing us about the noises and didn't help us to solve the problem at all?

    How could we suit the neighbour for the problem with the noises? Anybody can advice us with a good lawyer for this case?

    Any advice is welcome but please I don't need to hear any nasty comments!

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    Hope you got some good advice on GeoExpat.Com

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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