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IVf procedure

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    Aug 2014

    IVf procedure

    Hi All,

    I'm booking in at Queen Mary's in Jan 15 for their private Ivf treatment with Dr Raymond Li. I've read good things about QM so hoping for a good experience. Just wanted to know what to expect in regards to ivf procedure.

    If our first appointment is in Jan, when would we expect to be transfering an embryo if everything goes well? ie what's the Ivf cycle? I'm sure it'll all be explained in the consultation but Jan seems like a long way away!

    Any advice and info would be really appreciated!

    BTW, for anyone else trying to get hold of QM Assisted Reproduction Unit, the phone number on the website is incorrect - to make an appointment it's 22554262. fax no. 28175374.

    The wait list for public patients is 2017!

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    May 2014

    IVf procedure

    Hi Mini,

    I had my first appointment last week and my doc said I could start next cycle. I have given blood and my husband has given blood and semen this week. I have been instructed to call on the first day of my next period. The stimulation will begin the next day and I should be planning retrieval and transfer around 2 weeks after that. Basically the process lasts from one period to the next (unless it's successful and you don't get another period!)

    In short, depending on your cycle and test results, you can start 1-4 weeks after your first appointment.

    I you haven't yet looked into the process, I suggest watching some videos on YouTube that can help you get started. I personally preferred seeing it as well as reading it.

    Good luck!

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    Aug 2014

    Thanks Baby bubbles! that's super helpful. I'll check youtube too.

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