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First time mother - what to do and not to do

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    Hi DH273,


    I wouldn't do anything tiring in the first 3 months. I stopped my gym and climbing up stairs too. I am avoiding prunes, papaya, bananas, pineapple..

    I feel bloated too but its just until you've crossed the first trimester and the baby is safe. After that avoid any strainous activities.

    Re massages, foot massages are fine just tell them you're expecting so they're not too hard. Avoid back massages.. shoulder massages are fine.

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    Hi DH273,

    During pregnancy you should still keep the baby in your womb by providing stimulation, pregnancy health checks on a regular basis, watching the daily diet, including foods to notice what needs to be eaten for it. Things To Avoid During Pregnancy:

    Wearing high heels
    Pregnant women should not use high heels, especially after a pregnancy past the age of 7 months. High heels can cause the body's equilibrium. Must be known, the burden of pregnancy that occurs in the abdominal area coupled with the use of high heels can increase the risk of falling. This fall is due to increased trauma in pregnancy,
    The use of high heels can also cause stretching of the muscles in the lumbar region. Pregnant women will often complain of pain and stiffness in the lumbar region (low-back pain). Even if the pregnancy is getting bigger, there can be trauma to the muscles in the lumbar region. In addition, changes in body axis ensued; body will be more inclined to the front, so as compensation, the pregnant woman tried to straighten up by stretching the back and waist muscles. Well, when the load on the front of the pregnant body grew, so did stretch the muscles in the waist and back. As a result, waist and back were sore,

    Use insect repellent
    use insect repellent, whether in the form of spray, fuel, electricity and topical, no one is safe for health. use insect repellent contain active chemicals that belong to this class of pesticides, the principle is very dangerous. One of them, can lead to nerve damage. use insect repellent containing kerosene spray which can cause kidney damage to the fetus. use insect repellent lotion containing corrosive material and can be absorbed by the skin so that it can be toxic in the body. Thus, it is not recommended its use in pregnant women,
    If you want to secure from a mosquito bite, remove the nest as diligent drain, bury and cover things that do not become mosquito breeding; wear gauze in each house ventilation; use mosquito nets in the bed, put mosquito repellent plants such as zodia, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, and others. If want to apply use insect repellent, use of natural plants such as eucalyptus oil,

    Be a Blood Donor
    During pregnancy, mothers are encouraged to be blood donors for the benefit of others. Just so you know, pregnant women are anemic tend to need blood for himself. Blood donor can be done again after childbirth exceeded.
    However in special circumstances, in preparation for planned surgery, a blood donor for themselves will be allowed. For example, because the mother has placenta previa pregnancy. If surgery is planned at 38 weeks gestation, then at 32 weeks' gestation, pregnant women with hemoglobin levels between 10-12 g / dl, blood donors are allowed to be used to do for themselves (auto-transfusion). Until it's time to surgery, blood is stored in blood banks,

    Drinking Alcohol
    The alcohol content is proven to cause disability, both physically and psychologically, for the fetus in the womb. Alcohol can cross the placenta and enter the fetal circulation. Since the function of fetal organs were young, then the alcohol will be in the body of the fetus longer than in the adult body, which can result in defect,

    Driving a car
    In principle, a pregnant woman should be driving your own car, during the first trimester of pregnancy and they did not experience significant problems. But in the last trimester, the pregnancy is already large, would be difficult to hold the wheel with a safe and comfortable,

    Travel by plane
    Pregnant women are not forbidden to travel by plane for a healthy physical condition and no abnormalities with the pregnancy. Abnormalities such as history is a history of bleeding or contractions. If there is a history, it is feared there is bleeding in the plane.
    Since young pregnant until 32 weeks' gestation, traveling by plane is allowed for pregnant women, because it will not affect the mother and fetus. Air pressure in the cabin is set up in such a way that is safe for pregnant mothers. Even the frequency of flights can be done as often as possible without causing harm to the mother and fetus. Mom did not have to worry about the detector tool that must be passed in the examination of passengers at the airport, because this tool will not harm the fetus

    Past Bad Road Condition
    Poor road conditions can indeed make the back muscles, hip muscles, abdominal muscles and thigh muscles of pregnant women to be stretched, so that you became easily tired. If through bad road vehicle speed should be reduced. As long as there is no collision, stay safe pregnancy. However, it would be better if via another route that is more seamless,

    Drinking Ice Water
    Not a problem. Even if some say will be made of the fetus so fat, it is a myth. But ice is added to the syrup, honey or sugar is excessive because they contain carbohydrates,

    Eating Durian fruit
    During pregnancy, the mother was encouraged to eat durian because it can induce contractions. If gestational age is young, it can trigger a miscarriage. So, if a pregnant woman craving durian, so the smell alone,

    Many Walking
    Roads are the exercise for pregnant women and can be done every morning about 1/2 hours. It may also walk when shopping or just recreational eye wash.Measure it yourself skills. If you feel tired, stop and sit down for a moment. Street sports can strengthen pelvic muscles needed during labor.
    However, pregnant women with a history of bleeding or have abnormalities such as placenta previa should be careful. Too many roads can cause contractions and bleeding again. Therefore, pregnant women as it is advisable to rest more.Especially if her pregnancy has been enlarged or 7 months and over,

    Be massaged
    Pregnant women often complain of back pain, aches, and stiffness in his muscles.To reduce these minor complaints, the mother should be massaged. But it's not a strong massage with pressure, but simply to relax and reduce pain. Massage should not be done on the abdomen and lower back. To relieve soreness in this area, just do a rub or caress.

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