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Resident - HKID admin nightmare!!

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    Asdracles is offline Registered User
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    May 2014

    Resident - HKID admin nightmare!!

    Hi all. I'm a nervous father to be. Things are more difficult due to my situation.

    - I'm working in HK with Visa until January 2015 (my contract will be renewed so hope to extend it without any issue)
    - My wife has a just approved Dependent Visa, so expires January 2015 together with my current Visa
    - We are expecting for January 2015. We would prefer to go via the public route

    The problem is that she can't apply for a HKID because her visa is valid for less than 6 months. Also Immigration doesn't allow me to renew my Visa now. But they say that with her Visa on her passport, hospital has to accept her in the same conditions than having a HKID. Hospital said that they only will start talking to us when we show the HKID....

    Anyone has been in this situation? Thanks!!

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    shwetakhanna is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2007

    You can take the print out of the Immigration's letter with you to the hospital on your next visit. If they still refuse, you can ask them for a written note and check back with immigration on that.

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    Asdracles is offline Registered User
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    May 2014

    We have been running from Tsan Yuk to Immigration, from there to Queen Mary, and nothing can be solved according to them.

    - Immigration won't renew my visa in advance
    - Immigration won't issue her a HKID as her Visa expires in less than 180 days
    - Public Hospitals won't accept her without HKID

    I guess that someone must have been in this situation before. Any way to jump over one of this 3 big NONONO?


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