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Reconsidering Private Hospital

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    Reconsidering Private Hospital

    So tomorrow I meet with my OBGYN for the first time. I am supposed to be booking my room for the Adventist Hospital... and I am suddenly reconsidering everything completely. The cost alone just seems ridiculous for what is essentially just a few creature comforts. My biggest concern with going public was not being able to have my husband on hand when I needed him, when in reality he wouldn't be able to anyway, as he'd need to be at home with our two year old after the delivery of our newest baby.

    So I guess my question is, at 7 months pregnant, having not yet put a deposit down at a private hospital, can I still go public (we have a spot reserved through our OBGYN since she works with Adventist)? We won't have our HKIDs for another few weeks (go to apply for them on Monday!) so I can't even register at any public hospitals anyway. We've only been here about two weeks now. I'm feeling pressure about choosing the right option, even after months and months of research and having thought I wanted private. Now I'm thinking... why? What's the point? Public is where I'd be shipped if something happened anyway.

    Has anyone else ever done this? Gone from one to the other? I'm feeling so unsure. We don't even know where we are going to be living yet! Still looking at flats! I'll easily be 8 months+ by the time we are moved in. Can I register with public that late in the game? Will they still take me?

    I'd love to hear other people's experiences with their choices!


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    Once you have an ID card even if its a temp one with a number, the public hospital can't turn you away.
    As soon as you get your ID card no, give them a call on Monday and register.

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