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QM Private Neonatal units question.

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    Nov 2014

    QM Private Neonatal units question.

    Hello everyone,

    We are having twins, and my wife is 12 weeks along.

    We already have an older son, delivered in St. Teresa.

    Does anyone know:

    Queen Mary Hospital - If we take the private QM route, and the baby is porn premature and goes into Neonatal units, any idea what they daily charge will be for Neonatal units?

    The reason we ask, is we do have insurance, but there are a maternity limits on the policy. For normal or c section delivery the limits are fine, but for extended term neonatal units is my concern.

    I am not concerned about the delivery costs and doctor costs for private care, our insurance will cover all that adequately. What I am concerned is the potential Neonatal unit costs, if the babies are born, perhaps 2 or 3 months early, the bills could go way over our insurance limits.

    Also in QM is it possible to check in as public, and then after delivery upgrade to a private room? If so, will the neonatal care facility be billed as public or private rates?

    If anyone has experience in dealing with QM in above matters, I would highly appreciate your advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    TraceyHat is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2011

    No idea of charges etc but a friend of mine was pregnant with twins and her private doctor advised her to also register with the public system in case she went into labour early... If you go into labour before a certain number of weeks you're sent straight to Queen Mary anyways and if you're on record as a patient there you'll be seen as "public" and won't be charged private fees, including the neonatal fees that, as you say, could run for months.... Only prob with that is you'd then be in the public ward... No idea if there's a way to have yourself in the private ward but the babies as public...

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    From what I understand if you switch to private they will back charge you for the delivery and prenatal care. This could end up being more than the Matilda/Adventist etc.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    andyh is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2014

    Thanks guys for the advice...

    I appreciate the feedback, we are going to go do the QM tour, and ask alot of questions.

    I know they will provide the best care, and of course we will go straight to QM to ensure the best care for the kids in the case of an early delivery.

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