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IVF/IUI help

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    IVF/IUI help

    Hi All,

    For various reasons, we want to do an IUI with gender selection. Oreferebly with IUI (i know the success rate is only (60-70%). Otherwise IVF with PGD. Please dont ask me the reason or get into the debate of why we want to do this.

    Can you kindly share your information or experience about getting this done in HK if possible. I really dont want to travel abroad as it would add more stress. is there any doctor that would help do this (i know its officiially not allowed). Another location I have read about is Thailand, is there any doctor that can helo coordinate with any clinic/hspital in Bangkok so that we only stay in bangkok for a minimum number of days...
    any other locations that you can think of or any expeirence you can share.
    I would really appreciate the help


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    IUI will not allow you to select the sex of the baby because it is basically when they take the sperm, wash it and then insert it closer to the egg. They don't remove the eggs from your body.

    The only way to select sex is IVF and it is illegal in HK. I did email Thai Superior ART (Bangkok) Link - Superior A.R.T | Infertility Treatment ( IVF )| ICSI | PGD |Bangkok Thailand a few months ago regarding IVF and this is the response which might help you:

    We would like to thank you for your enquiry regarding family balancing. We will try to go through the possible options in a logical manner. We will start with the ‘Entire Cycle in Bangkok’ option.

    option 1. entire cycle in Bangkok.

    You will need to be in Bangkok for approximately 3 weeks from the first day of ovarian stimulation until the day of embryo transfer. This will include 9-12 days of ovarian stimulation using daily hormonal injection, an egg collection using a needle inserted through the wall of the vagina to aspirate the egg from follicles (performed under anaesthesia). The eggs will be fertilized in the laboratory using the sperm. Then on day5/6 of embryo culture we will biopsy a cell or cells from the embryos and perform PGD CGH to test the embryo’s chromosomes for normalcy (and sex selection if required) and then, on day 6 of embryo life, transfer the embryo(s) of choice back to the uterus. Any embryos biopsied day 6 for PGD-CGH will be frozen pending results and will not be available for fresh transfer.

    PGD-CGH is our preferred method for both detecting chromosomal problems in the embryo and identifying the sex of the embryo. We know that all chromosomes are more or less equally likely to be involved in chromosomal problems at the day5/6 stage, and CGH allows for the simultaneous screening of all 24 chromosomes for aneuploidy. CGH is also sensitive and accurate. CGH therefore increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy.

    Please find attached information forms on the Treatment Process and Estimated Costs, “PGD for CGH”

    There will also be a number of pre-IVF screening tests (Haematology, virology and hormones) to be completed, please see the attached ‘Initial work-up test’.

    Please find attached an ‘Overseas Patient Details’ and a ‘Patient Medical History’ forms, please complete, sign and return both the ‘Overseas Patient Details Form’ and the ‘Patient Medical History Form’, along with signed copies of both partner’s passport details page (including photograph). Please also send any relevant medical reports. We will register them and pass the information on to the treating doctor.

    Option 2. Overseas patients using a Clinic/Doctor in their own country for assistance.

    As per option 1 except that the stimulation and monitoring will be done in with the assistance of a clinic/doctor in home country; patients come to Bangkok for the trigger injection and egg retrieval etc., a stay of about 10 days.

    We have doctors in Hongkong with whom we collaborate ;

    1. Dr. Doo, The Women's Clinic, 318 Central Building,3 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong Tel. (852) 2523 3007, Email : [email protected], The Women's Clinic)
    2. Dr. Philip Kin Hoi Ho, Well Woman Health Clinic, Room 701, Hing Wai Building, 36 Queen’s road Central, Hongkong. Tel. (852) 2899 2293, (852) 25263322, Email : [email protected], Well Woman Health Clinic

    Or patients can choose a doctor/clinic of their choice. If using the doctor with whom we collaborate then he will do the treatment plan, stimulation and monitoring. If using a doctor/clinic of their choice then the treatment plan will come from the Superior A.R.T. doctor and there will be considerable onus on the patient to ensure all communication between themselves, Superior A.R.T. doctor and the doctor/clinic in Hongkong is done accurately and in a timely manner. For both cases the costs associated with the assistance in Hongkong will be met directly by the patient.

    Please find attached “PGD for CGH – assist overseas” for the cost.

    If this option is chosen then there may be a cost for a telephone consultation with our doctor, depending on whether the patient prefers to come for face-to-face consultation or do the telephone consultation for treatment plan. The cost of telephone consultation is 3,000 Baht/30 minutes with a 3,000 Baht deposit to be paid prior to consultation.

    While the chance of a pregnancy will vary dependent upon a number of factors, your age, physical condition, ovarian function, etc., for patients younger than 38 years old who have previously conceived, the chance of pregnancy after embryo transfer is about 56% (With PGD-CGH).

    Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Hope that helps

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