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Preschool Starting Age

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    Preschool Starting Age

    We are relocating to HK from the U.S. in early 2015 & I was just wondering, at what age do children in HK typically begin attending preschool?

    I have heard how competitive elementary school enrollment is in the area, & I'm sure that extends to preschool, too... I want to ensure that I am not hindering my son's chances at a quality education by getting him in somewhere too late, putting him into the "wrong" preschool, etc.

    My son will be 2 in February, so I was not sure if he would be expected to begin in the fall or if he would have another year.

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    Kindergarten education would begin in the fall of the year they turn 3 (at most schools).

    There are however many, many pre-schools etc that run classes from 6months old (accompanied) but these usually transition into a nursery class (5x half days unaccompanied) in the fall of the year they turn 2, so for your son fall 2015.

    Places can be hard to come by and I would suggest having your name down at a few just to see what becomes available etc.

    I dont want to scare you, HK has so many good schools, you need to think about what sort of school you want for your son, where you will live, do you want chinese language exposure etc When you have thought about that my advice would be to contact schools ASAP and ask about availablity.

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