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Stressed out pregnant mom with twins

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    ausuria is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2015

    Stressed out pregnant mom with twins

    Hello moms and soon to be mothers,

    I'm pregnant with twins (1 months) and am very stressed. Mainly because I didn't expect it to happen, my doctor told me that I couldn't have any babies previously and now BOOM! Babies! TWO as well!

    I can't do my job anymore (Air hostess) because it's not safe for my babies. So basically I'm just sitting at home trying to figure out my life and see what part time jobs I can do.

    My husband has been very supportive. But it's just the sudden change took a toll on me. I feel guilty for not being able to contribute financially and yeah, it's just been stressful. It's like I'm unsure of my identity. Identity crisis T_T!!!

    Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I don't feel comfortable to tell my friends because they're all working and are enjoying their pregnant lives. I feel like a failure. I also don't want to tell my husband because I don't want to give him anymore burden.

    I know I should be optimistic, but I'm just really off right now.

    Has anyone been through this? Any word of advice?

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    giginium is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2012

    Hey ausiria

    I don't have twins, but it sounds like that this twin thing came at a shock to you and is still being a shock.

    Please don't panic! Is there someone close that can offer you support and the understanding that you need right now emotionally? Your mom?

    And is it possible to request to work as a ground staff for your airline?

    Then please pm me or search for threads on how to navigate the public hospital system to get yourself set up for the ante natal visits (when you are ready)

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    Martina Zizkova is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    Hi A, don't panic!!! Any baby is a good news if you were told you can't have them! That is, if you wanted children??

    I have 2 friends back in UK having twin girls, one after 3rd attempt to have IVF. The other had a totally easy pregnancy, yet they arrived 6(!) weeks early but apart from needing fattening they were fine. 4 months down the line they are absolutely beautiful. Despite being very dubious & telling my friend "OMG!" I changed my opinion & wished I had twins too! :0) Something changes when holding them..

    I think you are just going through the hormonal depression right now & it's understandable, esp if it's your first pregnancy, your body doesn't know what hit it :0)

    If all goes well, just be organised & prepared. Then nothing can surprise you & catch of guard to cause more stress..

    If you wanna chat, let us know! I could winge about being pregnant all day! :0) My second is due beg. of June.

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    Nia Nofrina is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2016

    Hi Ausuria,

    How are the twins doing? I have twins too, they are a boy and a girl, and going to be 6 months this April
    I guess your babies age not too far from mine, I hope you can survive and enjoying the motherhood.
    I had uneasy pregnancy while back, had to bed rest on my 5 months pregnant, high blood pressure even after the babies were born, emergency c-sec on 33 weeks due to High BP, my twins were premature and underweight, not to mention I had baby blues syndrome. Thank God , I can survive and passed that rollercoaster period.
    Now I am enjoying the motherhood to my beautiful and healthy babies.

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    CatWoman is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2010

    I know that there are some groups in Hong kong to support mums of twins etc. I think it;s called "Mothers of Multiples" or MOMS - will ask my friend for details...

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