Hi ladies,

Advice needed!

Happy news, my husband and I are expecting twins and thus will have to look for a larger apartment. We wish for a spacious place with good views and awesome facilities for under 30K. That's the idea at least !!

Any suggestions of a kids, expats friendly place/estate not miles away from Wan Chai ( thats where hubby works)? We don't consider outlying islands, because taking ferry with 2 new borns must be a dangerous affair.

The estate agent has suggested Grand Promenade in Sai wan ho. We currently live in mid levels and unfortunately we have never been to sai wan ho or had friends who lived there. Would be great if we could get some feed back on a few things
1. General state of the building facilities and maintenance.
2. Presence of parks and possibility to go for short walks with a tandem stroller
3. Connectivity to the city

Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.