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When to book private hospital?

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    When to book private hospital?

    I'm about 7 1/2 weeks and saw the OB for the first time last week. He said that we can discuss options for hospital booking at my next appointment which will be at 11 weeks. Overall he seemed very relaxed about it. He has admitting privileges at all of the private hospitals on HK Island.

    But at the weekend met up with a pregnant friend who said the hospitals are all booked up by mainland women and it's very tough to get a spot. She is delivering at HK Sanitorium. She doesn't know I'm pregnant yet so it wasn't said to stress me out, she must genuinely think this is the case.

    I think my friend is mistaken but it planted a seed of doubt in my mind. It seems way too early to be looking for a place but I don't want to leave it too late either. Help!

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    Mainland women are no longer allowed to give birth in HK hospitals. You can wait and speak to your Dr and he/she should be able to book it for you.

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    I only booked my spot for Adventis Hospital at 23 weeks with no problem. I am due in Aug. I think you have plenty of time.

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