Dear fellow parents,

I want to share this very bad experience about Adventist tsuen wan hospital.

My child had a high fever like more than 40deg C and we brought my child to the hospital . When we arrived we had to wait and then we got into the nursing room. this nurse ( I think her name is Chan Wing Man or something like that) came with a bucket of water an. Towel. She started rubning the towel on my childs body with so much force that her face; arms and neck were all red and swollen. she was shouting out in pain and the nurse did not bother and carried on using even more force.

We were stunned for a moment and told her not to use so much force. She just walked away and did not came back.

My poor baby was shivering and crying in pain and in fear. We felt so bad we should had stopped the evil doings right away.

After being left alone for a while with no instructions, I asked another nurse who was standing in the next cubicle reading newspaper where is the doctor. She said the doctor is seeing a patient and will come in a while. I told her it's urgent and then she walked into the doctors room just right next to us . And there the doctor was sitting in the room chatting with another nurse.

The doctor was a insensitive uncaring prick who was mocking us at the fever and making jokes about it. We told him she vomited yesterday and immediately he asked the nurse to give Us a plastic bag incase she vomit in their room. My baby had not sign of vomitting at all.

Then he proposed that we do some kind of tests and asked if we want to bring her back or admit her to hospital. this is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard. As a doctor, he doesn't have any professional judgement nor advice . Before we go, he said he will give similar medication as what the previous GP gave so I said can we use the previous medication instead so we don't have to wait. He insisted no and gave us more thaN 7 types of medication. And he had to say sarcastic remarks to make our baby cry before we stepped out.

We have no qualms aboutrunning out of this crazy hospital immediately. So we paid (crazy 600 dollars for such service) and Took a taxi to princess Margaret immediately.

The experience was totally different. The nurses were so much caring towards my child and immediately gave us direct access to see the doctor with out having to wait at the A&E like what we did in Adventist.

The doctors here used their professional judgement and carefully examined my child and said nice things to make her feel at ease. Without even asking, the doctor said she needs to stay in to monitor her because of the high fever.

I want to caution all parents about this evil money grubbing and unprofessional hostpital. don't suffer the same heartbreak we had. I can't imagine why they will treat a sick child with such hostility.