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What to do with first child?!

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    What to do with first child?!

    Hi all, just wanted to find out whether anyone had any suggestions. I'm giving birth in QMH to our second child. Our first child is 2 - we don't have a helper, nor do we have family in HKG or who can come to HKG during the delivery time. I wouldn't burden friends either. So my question is, what do we do with our daughter during the time I give birth, as I want my hubby with me!

    Worst case scenario is we'll have to sign up a helper but i'd hate to lock a helper in on a 2 year contract simply for the sake of looking after our 2 year old for a few days.

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    Perhaps speak to the folks at Rent a Mum or Insafe Hands and see if they can help. Perhaps they have someone in your area who doesn't mind being called last minute? Otherwise I guess you'll need to enlist the help of a friend/neighbor. Good news is that if you have an uncomplicated delivery, and you and baby are fine QM will discharge you after 24 hours.

    Best of luck

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    You will probably find that a friend is very happy to look after your 2 year old.

    I left our 2 year old daughter with a friend when I had our second. My friend picked her up just before lunch time when I headed to hospital with my husband. Our second was born early evening, my husband had to leave QMH a few hours later anyway as visiting hours finished so he went and collected our daughter at about 10pm.
    Both husband and daughter came to hospital the next morning and I was discharged before lunch time.

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