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Babies and Technology

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    Jul 2015

    Babies and Technology

    How do you feel about Apps? Do you use any with your LOs?

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    babies & technology

    Due to technology our kids or new generations are involving with gadgets; instead of toys and playing outdoor games. They are always seems to be busy with iPods, Video Games, Tabs, Smartphones and many others. Technology and apps will definitely improve our kid's brain power and skills; but ultimately it makes them completely dependable upon gadgets. My 4 year old used my smartphone as the playing device and the interesting fact is he used to play games.

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    I think everything in moderation. I don't think there's any great benefit of using apps but I don't think there's great harm either if the time is limited (there are always newspaper articles ranting about the dangers of it, but the actual research is inconclusive.) I've heard that some apps are really helpful for autistic kids. Our kids live in the modern world, and unless you're adamant about it they're going to encounter screens. Having grown up with very little screen time as a child I don't think I'm more intelligent than kids from developed countries who watched some TV every day. I've let my kids have a bit of screen time every day - they still do plenty of playing and reading books though.

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