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Drop-in at Tsan Yuk?

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    Drop-in at Tsan Yuk?

    I am using the public system and my next ante-natal is in 4 weeks however I would like to see a doctor earlier about an issue that isn't an emergency per se but has me worrying (pinkish tinge in discharge - 23 weeks).

    Can I phone Tsan Yuk and make an appointment outside of my scheduled visits? A trip to QMH seems dramatic. Or should I go to a private OB? The only issue with that is that I am not currently a patient so it would be a 'one-off' type appointment to check all is well. Would a private do that? If so, who and how do I choose someone?

    Thanks for any suggestions

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    I would go see a private obgyn but in our recent antenatal class at QM, they mentioned you could drop by at their maternal ward (K9 south) anytime if you have any issues past 20weeks. That's another option.

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    May 2014

    Well just to update for anyone who might be in the same situation - I went to Tsan Yuk and they sent me along to K9 in QMH. They admitted me for 24 hr observation and some checks (cervical swabs, foetal heart rate, bloods) before being released. Just a case of unexplained spotting, all seems well.

    Hard to say what would have happened with a private OB. Probably a scan and sent home to rest. I doubt they would have suggested hospital admission.

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