If you ever have the chance to choose an OB, I highly recommend you NOT to get Dr. Stephanie Chow. My husband and I had the most horrible experience with her as an OB. Very expensive, not informative, and uses sarcasm inappropriately.

I needed to see a OB for medical clearance since I needed to fly out on my 35th week. Our original doctor, Dr. Ben Chan (who is great btw! i highly recommend), was booked until October this year. Prior to seeing Dr. Chow, all my check ups showed that my baby was fine, but during my visit to Dr. Chow, she said my baby was small, my amniotic fluid was very little and it appeared that my placenta was insufficient. Since she wasn't telling me if I should be alarmed or what I had to do, I then asked her what the implications were on my baby and what I had to do. I also asked if it meant I had to eat more. She just slowly and more loudly said 'YOUR PLACENTA IS INSUFFICIENT'. You understand what that means?' She then started lecturing me and my husband on how having a baby was a big responsibility and that it wasn't an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. At that point I honestly wanted to walk out of her clinic, but I just kept calm and let my husband do the rest of the talking. There were other equally bad discussions with her, but if I carry on I'd just end up really ranting about her.

So in the end she prescribed me with Vitamin C and E and told me to just get bed rest (her vitamins were priced at HKD 1000 btw, see attached image). Brand was Jamieson, which I know is available at any Mannings or Watsons for a WAY lower price. See receipt from her clinic. I told my husband he shouldn't have taken the vitamins but he said he just wanted everything over with.

New Doc 7_1.jpg

When my husband and I got home we Googled everything that wasn't explained to us. Since that visit made me and my husband panic, I then saw another OB as soon as I could (yesterday) in the city I had to fly to. The new OB I saw was great too. When she saw the papers from Dr. Chow, she said Dr. Chow didn't provide any metrics (i.e. amniotic fluid levels, etc) so she couldn't confirm if there was indeed anything wrong. She conducted another ultrasound and said the baby was fine, my amniotic fluid levels were in fact at 18 which is way within the normal range as she had explained and said the baby was small but it was probably because my husband and I were also small (I'm only 5'0", my husband 5'7"). There was apparently nothing to worry about.

I honestly don't understand why Dr. Chow was that way towards me and my husband but it was certainly the worst experience I've had with any OB. I hope this not happen to any other expecting mother out there.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with her?