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valid reason for terminating helpers contract

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    valid reason for terminating helpers contract

    Hi all,

    First time employer here kindly asking for advice...
    We employed our first ever helper less than a month ago. She is full time, live-in.
    Unfortunately things are not really going as we expected/hoped.
    First of all, she seems sad and miserable. When we asked why she is sad, she cried her eyes off and said she is homesick and feels that our apartment is too small (three bedrooms+ 1 bath, she has her own bedroom). But she doesn't want to resign even though we offered to let her end contract without needing to work for a month or pay one month salary to us.
    Her work performance hasn't been very good. She keeps forgetting important things , like apartment keys to our outside door (two times so far), doesn't remember to wash her hands after coming back home or before preparing food for kids (I've reminded her numerous times). Unfortunately she also ruined a few non-stick cooking pans by using fork when cooking. Also I find it takes pretty long time for her to do work assigned for her, as an example it often takes her around two hours to wash dishes after breakfast (we eat very simple breakfast, like bread and cereals) and still I often find dirty dishes in our cupboard (I've shown her two times how to wash the dishes) She doesn't do anything unless we ask her to do something, we even had to ask her to greet our children. Usually, when we come home she is just sitting in her own room instead of working. we've given her a list of extra duties she could do when she has spare time after finishing her regular duties, but she hasn't done any of them.We think her working hours are pretty reasonable, starts after 6am, has at least two hours lunch break when she can go out, finishes around 7pm.
    The biggest problem is that she can't handle our 2-year-old. She, for example, allows her to play with our DVD player (turn it on/off, put discs on, etc.) even though we have said that she is not allowed to do that. She can't get her dressed either, instead just gives up if my daughter is not willing to put clothes on. I don't feel comfortable leaving my child with her and my child doesn't feel comfortable around her either.

    So, we have started thinking that she might not be right helper for our family and we are thinking about terminating her contract. Question is: what should we write to termination letter as reason for terminating her? I mean how specific reason for termination do we need to give? If we terminate her, we'll pay her all remaining salaries + one month salary+ticket back home+ travel allowance and let her go right away.
    She seems to be kind and honest, but not suitable for our family needs.

    I'm very grateful for any kind advice.

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    Sorry things didn't work out and rather than making things easier for you the helper has added more stress. In her termination letter you really don't need to put a reason. Immigration is not going to question it. If you feel you need to perhaps just add something along the lines "not a good fit for our family".

    There are some fantastic helpers out there. Hope you're not put off from hiring again.

    Good luck!

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