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What to prepare for baby due in January

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    What to prepare for baby due in January

    Dear Mommies,

    I am due this coming January 2016 and this is our first baby after waiting for 6 years. We are also new in Hong Kong and despite reading some pregnancy books I am quite confuse on the things we need to prepare before our baby's delivery. My sister already advised me not to panic and do not buy alot of stuff but I feel we must start buying or borrowing the essentials like baby's winter clothes, diapers, cot and stroller? Also, I intend to breastfeed, do I still need to purchase bottles and bottle sterilizer and warmer? What about breast pumps? Sorry but I really need your help. Thanks!

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    Congrats! I think your sister is giving some good advice. It's certainly very early to buy diapers! I met a lady who is due around your time and she has been buying stuff since June/July, already she is selling things she bought because she's realized it wasn't the right product and she was just shopping anxiously.

    I am due in November and we have just finished most of our purchases last week. I am anticipating we will buy more things when the baby is actually born esp. clothing because the sizes you need depend on size at birth and how quickly baby grows. The shops will still be open after you give birth :)

    I would start doing research on the big items: stroller, crib, carrier, so you have an idea of what brands and type. For breastfeeding if you plan to pump you will need a pump, bottles and accessories. I have bottles already because people gave them as gifts (and because I'll be going back to work after a few months) but I haven't bought the pump yet even though I know which one to get, because I want to be sure my milk supply is OK before spending the money. So I will buy it after baby is born. I haven't bought sterilizer or warmer yet either.

    If you search on this website there's a great list of items you need for yourself and baby for the hospital, that's a good guide on what you must have by baby's birthday.

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    Many thanks! ^^

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    Agree with newbian. Do not buy too many things which you may later find that it is not suitable. I bought my pump after 6 weeks of delivery. As for baby clothes, if you can get from friends, it will be best as baby grow quickly and you will find the clothes you had bought can longer fit them.
    By Nov, you need to start prepare the bag of stuff that you need to bring to the hospital, as you never know when your little one decided to come out and greet you.

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