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C section incision not healing

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    C section incision not healing


    It's been close to 3 weeks post partum now but my c section wound is not healing. QMH has referred me to the GOPC close to my home. I go there every alternate day for dressing.
    I'm getting worried and want to consult a private doctor for the same.
    Please recommend a good obstetrician on Hk island.


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    Hi prag,
    Sorry to hear that. I go to Dr Edwin Tam from OT&P, he is nice and patient.

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    StephenYong is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2015

    Hi Prag,
    Yes, it is taking a bit long.
    Is this your first second or third caesarean?
    Repeat C-sections can pose such a risk on wound healing as the scaring diminishes blood supply bringing in reparative goods to the wound leading to risk of wound infection and poor healing. Certainly there are other factors such as diet, hygiene, and the reason surrounding the caesarean section such as failed labour induction after membrane rupture, or fetal distress, etc.
    I am aware of a fantastic silicone based dressing applied as an ointment or gel called: STRATAMED manufactured by a Swiss company.
    Make sure any infection or dead tissue in the wound is removed by dressing cleansing and debridement (which should have been done already by and O and G department); then: You need to get hold of the product I mentioned, apply it twice a day to the whole wound and you'll start to see results within 1-2 weeks.

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    StephenYong is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2015

    Stratamed and similar products can be obtained from the Zuellig company
    Mailing Address:
    Suite 608, 6/F
    Devon House
    Taikoo Place
    Quarry Bay
    Hong Kong
    Contact Information:
    Tel: (+852) 2856 3632
    Fax: (+852) 2590 7186
    Zuellig Pharma | Connect Healthcare Asia

    However, if they cannot sell directly to you, then it is best you visit a private practioner....can be a gynaecologist or dermatologist.

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    StephenYong is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2015
    Stratamed medical use scar therapy gel - first silicone scar therapy product for use on open wounds and compromised skin
    Check out their website
    Don't misunderstand me, I'm not a shareholder or anything, but just a good samiritan trying to help another person out
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