I was looking for a good OBGYN for my first pregnancy. I found your forum and users comments very helpful in deciding to choose Dr Lucy Lord. I wanted a female doctor that was pro VB and very competent. Although there were some negative comments about Dr Lord's 'bedside manner', I found her to be professional, to the point and she leaves me feeling very confident that everything is all right. She is nice enough. She does not spend time discussing little things like diet, exercise, birth plan etc. because you will have time before and after the appointment with the midwives to ask all these questions. The midwives are great, friendly, very approachable and really take time to answer all your questions. I always feel very well taken care of. Also was always seen on time and never had to wait long at all.

Dr. Lord also tells you to email her if you have any questions. She is very approachable and will also answer your questions too. While she did encourage that I choose Matilda Hospital (I thought HK Sanitorium was best), she explained that this was because she works closely with Matilda and they are a really good maternity hospital in HK. She explained that hers and Dr Grace's % of VB is much higher than the HK average, because they do not resort to CS as many other doctors may do. I felt very comfortable/ confident with her explanation.

Central Health also have excellent materials, to prepare you for the birth, all common Q&A's are covered, and there's additional leaflets for individual issues (such as a recommended reading list for mothers, muesli recipe for constipation etc. ). I feel very well taken care of and am very happy with my choice. No doubt, when it comes to the real deal (i.e. birth), I am very confident in Dr Lord and her team's abilities. I don't think the appointments have been too expensive, and they seem ethical (i.e. will listen to what you want, rather than pushing you to do something which is more convenient for them and will earn them more money, such as surgery).

Hope this helps.