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Dr. Michelle Tsui (Premier) or Dr. Alexandra Doo (Women's Clinic)

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    Dr. Michelle Tsui (Premier) or Dr. Alexandra Doo (Women's Clinic)

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a first-time mom. I'm debating between Michelle Tsui and Alex Doo. I've seen both of them with ultrasound scans. I heard they're both great doctors while most of my colleagues and friends have used Doo. Below is my thoughts on their differences:

    Alex Doo: Much less explanation at the first two visits, and only told me everything is fine.

    Pros: capable lab; friends' recommendations; very calm and have a "take-things-easy" altitude while give you sufficient medications;

    Cons: much longer waiting time; less hand-shaking educational conversation; and prefers to deliver at Matilda since he has to be there on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon . I personally prefer Sanatorium since it's closer to my home and semi-private room is a real bargain. Doo told me if my delivery is on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, then he would not be able to go to Sanatorium from Matilda.


    Pros: gave much more information on the first visit (explained a lot of basics to me) and is very warm-hearted and easy-going; much less waiting time. She is free to go to Sanatorium any time (no constraint as Doo).

    Cons: her lab seems less sophisticated than Alex Doo's lab; and she refer to a specialist to do the 22-week structural ultrasound.

    Anyone have any thoughts on them? As a first-time mom, I am not sure which one would suit me better.

    Thank you very much.

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    I consulted Dr Charas Ong (Women's clinic). I am a doctor myself and let me give you my feedback from a doctor's and from a first time mom's PoV:

    She has great knowledge of the subject, we would discuss things in details and I was specially impressed with her sonogram skills and understanding.
    Pleasant bedside manners, she would make me and my husband very comfortable about our queries and concerns. We never felt she was in a hurry or so.
    Sometimes we had to wait for her appointment, but it never felt taxing as we would book a Saturday morning most times.
    Now the delivery experience:
    I delivered in Canossa and had a C section- it went as smooth as any text book could describe and my scar is very aesthetically sound. It has been 3 weeks and it has healed very nicely. I didn't have any post op problems like too much pain, infection or constipation. Dr Ong visited me everyday to inspect the wound and check my general condition.

    My husband and I are completely satisfied with her. I know you didn't ask about her but I had to write about my experience so it could benefit others.

    Happy to answer any further queries.

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