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Decorating kids bedroom - Advice needed! (ebay, amazon etc.)

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    Decorating kids bedroom - Advice needed! (ebay, amazon etc.)


    We have recently moved to Hong Kong and will be moving into our apartment (in Discovery Bay) in a couple of weeks.

    We want to make a really good job of decorating the room that our 2 girls (2.5 and 5) will be sharing.

    In particular, I want to put in a teepee for them to read and play in. I can find these on ebay and amazon (among other things I want - scooby doo bed set, princess sofia bed set, fairy lights etc.) but they don't seem to deliver to HK or else the delivery charges are very high.

    Is there an obvious alternative that I'm missing locally? Are there stores in HK that offer the same kind of stuff?

    Sorry if there's something obvious that I'm missing.

    All help and advice gratefully received!!

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    Welcome to Hong Kong!

    Pottery Barn delivers to Hong Kong and so does JCPenney. Also locally have a look at Indigo Kids and Thorn and Burrow and Red Cabinet they have some lovely furniture for kids.

    You probably won't find Scooby Doo bedding, not sure about Princess Sofia - best to check in Wing On.

    For Wall stickers and Teepee you can order these from Taobao (Chinese EBay). It's all in Chinese but there are agents in HK that can help you source and buy.

    Here's one agent

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I have been ordering stuff from Amazon (US) and shipping them to Hong Kong...if you find something similar, I find it's cheaper to order it (even with shipping) than to buy it here. It's easier and less stressful having to go from shop to shop.

    For example, I ordered the fisher price high chair from Amazon (paid US$100 for the high chair plus US$130 for shipping). It was still less than what I would of paid here at Eugene baby.

    Recently, I have been ordering stuff and sending them to our mailing address in the US and having the mailing service bulk ship everything. That actually has been the cheapest method for us.

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