Hello Everybody, this is Mauro and I'm writing on behalf of my wife Francesca. On December 30th she gave birth to our second boy, named Mattia.
I'm already in Hong Kong, while she is still in Italy for a couple of week more, or so.
Thought she couldn't brest feeding our little one (same thing happened with Lorenzo, our 2 years old one), we are start looking if there is any milk formula that could be find both in Italy and in Hong Kong.
If I remember good, here we can see from time to time on the supermarket shelves the one called "Nestle Nidina", but I' m not sure about it.
Does any one of you experienced the use of this formula? do you know if there are any similar brand that could be find it Italy and in HKG? asking that because she want to start on feeding Mattia with something that could be keep also here, avoiding changing his "diet" and uses.
Thanks a lot and Happy Chinese New Year!!!