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Dr Grace Cheung Prices

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    Dr Grace Cheung Prices

    Hi, mommies!

    I visited Dr Grace Cheung, and I just love her. Very professional, very sweet.
    However, after calculating her package price and the package price for Matilda, I'm a bit overwhelmed. My insurance will only cover half of the total price I calculated.
    I'm not sure how much a doctor is supposed to cost, so I don't know if her price is relatively normal or much higher than most. Does anyone know the average cost of doctor's fees?


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    Hi @FoolOfATook and welcome to GeoBaby

    We complied a list a few years ago and it should give you an idea of fees. It needs updating but some Drs are reluctant to share this info. HTH

    Pre-natal Charges & OB-GYN Fees in Hong Kong 2013 - Hong Kong GeoBaby

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Dont forget that the Dr's fees varies depending on the room type. So if you are staying in a shared ward, the Dr's fees will be much lower. Our Dr's fees (2014) for a ward was $25k, $38k for semi-private and $50k for a private room. I believe his fees have increased since!

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    Hi there, i am in week 8 and looking for a private obgyn. I am wondering if you would be so kind to share the package for Dr Grace Cheung? I know its been a while so maybe the price may have gone up, but its very hard to get fee info on the phone. I do not have insurance so i just hope that it wont be too high. Hope your delivery went smoothly and both you and baby are doing well!

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