I’ve been thinking recently about things I wish my mother had told me, we’re not very close so a lot of things I’ve had to ask friends mothers or just fumble through. I now have a daughter of my own and am thinking about the things that I’d like to tell her.
I had to ask a friends mum about tampons, and when I was pregnant the only advice my mother ‘bestowed’ on me was ‘don’t eat too much you don’t want to get any fatter otherwise it’ll be even harder for you to get skinny’. I would have liked to have know that your sense of smell goes nuts, you sweat more and therefore smell more, if you BF your boobs will be sore and most likely bleed, tea tree oil is great for yeast infections, coconut oil is great for shaving with – now I am aware that these things are in books (for pregnancy stuff), but I would have loved to have been able to talk to my mum about it.
I’d like to think my daughter and I will have a different relationship to the one I have with my mom, but if it’s not or if I’m not around to talk to her…… I’d like to be able to share with her some things.
So got me thinking about what other people would have liked to have know or what were some of the best bits of advise given to you, about love, life, pregnancy, pms, haircuts, housework – anything that you feel has helped you – even if it seems like the smallest most insignificant thing. Doesn't have to be life altering advice (like don’t sleep until your married/inlove, work hard and you’ll be rewarded), just things that may have helped, eased your confusion or simply made a chore easier.