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Gynaec + hospital search for baby due in Aug 16

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    Gynaec + hospital search for baby due in Aug 16

    Dear Ladies

    We (husband and I) are expats and shifting to HK in may. My due date (1st baby) is around 10th Aug. It took us 2+ yrs to conceive and I'm a little paranoid about the pregnancy - a friendly, knowledgeable doctor will help reducey fears.

    We have been trying to find out about hospitals and doctors but haven't been able to get solid advice. I wrote to Queen Elizabeth hospital (based on reviews here and from colleagues) but haven't heard back from them.

    Until we get our HK ID cards, the doctors there won't see us and that would happen by mid may.

    Please let me know of the following (sorry if these queries are repetitive, if so, please direct me to the right threads) -

    1. Please recommend a gynaec who would answer my million questions
    2. How much would the total cost package be (labor, delivery, Dr visits, child immunization etc.) In Queen Elizabeth hospital?
    3. My 3rd trimester scans and tests are due. Should I go to a private hospital for these or to QEH? Is QEH good for the delivery?
    4. Would language be a big problem interacting with the dr and staff? (We speak fluent English)
    5. Have heard that private Hospitals push for a C section. Hope that isn't an issue with public hospitals? Barring any complications, I wish to have a normal delivery.
    6. Would there be follow ups post delivery (check ups for baby and me) or will we be left on our own?

    It is a huge change as I am leaving an amazing doctor back home and coming to a new place with a different language and no support system (relatives).
    Am aware that many of you have successfully gone through the same and hence requesting your help and support at a very 'lost' stage here.

    Thank you for reading the long post. Thanks for any inputs.

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    Welcome to Hong Kong! Queen Elizabeth is a government hospital and yes they are busy and getting information from them can be difficult.

    Once you have your ID card, or even its your temporary one you can make an appt with QE or the nearest maternal clinic. Public healthcare in HK is subsided and your delivery will be under HK$1000.

    Language will not be a problem. Everyone speaks English.

    Here's a list of popular HK Drs.

    Popular Gynecologists in Hong Kong - Hong Kong GeoBaby

    Dr Derek Lo is fantastic.

    Have a read through this article Pregnant in Hong Kong: Public vs. Private Hospitals - Hong Kong GeoBaby

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Thank you Rani, will go through the links you have shared. Will come back with more queries too, though.

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