hi all I have a question regarding our new bb girl's citizenship, which has been lingering in my mind for quite some time.

I'm a Chinese ethnic holding Singapore passport and HK PR and my husband is holding foreign passport but also HK PR. our girl will be born in HK this year. according to information posted by HK immigration and Singapore immigration website, my baby girl should be able to apply both HK passport and Singapore passport. however, since neither of the two country allow dual citizenship, by the time she turns 21, Singapore government would require her to take the Oath of Renunciation and renounce her china citizenship (i.e. hksar passport).

I wonder if there is any way to keep both passports? if I don't apply HKSAR passport for her for now, she can still travel on Singpaore passport while a HKPR with a 3 start. will she be able /eligible to apply HKSAR passport after she become 21?

any thought or idea or advice is appreciated!