My wife had PUPPP and used "Grandpa's pine tar soap" (aka "miracle soap"): this really helped her a lot! (just google PUPPP and "grandpa's pine tar soap").

I have 3 unused bars of soap left and seeing if anyone would be interested. Selling for $40/piece. You can't buy it in Watsons/mannings etc. My wife says this is the best relief.

Also, since this is a forum post, just want to say for those of you who have PUPPP, hang in there! Husbands...PUPPP is hell for your wife, you really need to give all your support to her. Watch out for signs of depression as well due to her lack of sleep from itching.

My twins are now 4 months old and the days of PUPPP have past..stay hopeful!

If anyone has any questions I would love to share our experience.