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Confused Mother to be- Expat living in Singapore and wanting to give birth in HK

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    alice87 is offline Registered User
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    Confused Mother to be- Expat living in Singapore and wanting to give birth in HK


    I am a British born Chinese with permanent residency in HK. I have just moved from UK to Singapore with my husband and after some thoughts we have agreed that we want to give birth in Hong Kong. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant.

    I plan to register at Tsan Yuk hospital (as i have an address local to the hospital) but I am unsure if i can just register there and not return to HK until i am 34 weeks? This is because it would be too much hassle to fly back and forth from Singapore on a monthly basis. But i will be getting my check ups and scans in Singapore, so maybe showing them the check up results done in Singapore would be okay?

    Also, for the proof of pregnancy letter from GP...will they accept one from the UK?

    Please help this confused mother to be! ~ thanks in advance :)

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    I moved to HK from the UK but am a singaporean.
    As far as I know, public hospitals in HK cant reject any deliveries.
    But I am really curious why HK and not Spore.
    I really miss the heathcare system in Spore.

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    Mong Kok

    Hi Alice87,

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    Your case is somewhat similar to mine.

    I, too, decided to give birth in HK (lived in HK for 20 years before moving to the Philippines) and registered at the QEH just two weeks ago. I was already at 31 weeks (so I was showing) and despite a fatload of medical records, prescriptions, and ultrasound scans from my private check-ups back home on hand, QEH refused to register me without a confirmation of pregnancy note from a local practitioner. So off I went to a government clinic the following morning (cost me only 40 HKD) and of course all the doctor did was take a look at my burgeoning belly before scribbling the note and I was done. (Call the clinic beforehand to get a system-generated appointment so that you don't end up having to wait for hours, which is what happens if you show up sans appointment.)

    As bumpy mentioned, public hospitals cannot turn away HKID card holders so they will admit you no matter what (they will reprimand you like they did me for registering late but that doesn't matter!). I personally think showing up when you're back at 34 weeks is fine, especially since you'll be getting all your pre-natal work done in Singapore. However, be prepared to re-do some of the tests you've already done in Singapore. I even had to get bloodwork I'd gotten at nine weeks re-done here, which I didn't mind, as long as it doesn't harm the baby.

    Hope this bit of information helps and good luck!

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