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Fibroid surgeon recommendation..

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    Unhappy Fibroid surgeon recommendation..

    I'm 40 and have 2 kids already.... found out a posterior intramural fibroid size 8x7x7cm last year, have tried all kinds of medicines to reduce blood flow during period, to stop period for 3 months... well...nothing helps but found myself so weak and sick of all these medicines.... but still suffering from anemia, headache, backache...etc... So I wanna get rid of it now.....the Dr. that i have been seeing is quite young which I'm not too sure if she is experienced enough to handle......cuz' I researched alot lately and notice that an experienced surgeon maybe able preserve the ones will remove both anyways.....any comments?? suggestion on surgeon??? or should I just go for the Dr that I have been seeing.... I'm so tired of it... help!!

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    Hi, I just had the procedure done on a fibroid similar to your size. Uterus preserved and doc said I can try to have a baby in a few months time!! I totally understand your frustration and I was very stressed out before my surgery, looking for docs, worrying about future ability to have babies, etc. I saw many specialists and was just overwhelmed with the high costs and uncertainty. Two docs recommended open surgery and it really scared me. I finally found my current doc who seemed to have the best experience and made me very comfortable and confident in his skills. I think he said 30 years experience. He speaks very good English too. He even had a quick look at my ovaries and tubes during the surgery and let me know how they were doing after the surgery! I will PM you his name and you can see if he can help you. It took me a few weeks to get my first appointment though. Good luck!
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    Hi mingmay,

    Many thanks for your info. I will definitely call him up!! Im very busy with work and kids and have only 2 slots in the summer to get it done. Hope it work out! Finger crossed!!

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