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How to HALF-HALF? Confused and pregnant

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    Thumbs up How to HALF-HALF? Confused and pregnant

    - Newly pregnant at 7+ weeks now.

    - Have my own country's citizenship along with HKID (been here 10 years).

    - Just had a scan at a private OB last week to confirm pregnancy and heartbeat.

    Would be wonderful if someone could shed some light on how to go the half-half route. Private OB costs about $1500 per visit excluding ultrasound. Ultrasound cost about $1000.

    Since I have HKID and been hearing stories of women going mainly public and substituting major milestone weeks with private, I would like to know hows the experience in general and how do i go about registering in the public system? Do you also do the down syndrome / Oscar test at public or private? Does this test make a difference regarding where it is being performed?

    My private OB is expen$ive!!! She is very professional but too professional to the point we can't hold a normal chat or joke, and she questioned me strangely "Does the gender matter to you?!!" when I merely asked when's the gender usually tested just to know the rundown of timeline.

    Please give some advice on how to go about being in the public system while telling my private OB i will only use her for major scans?

    Thank you very much.

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    Apr 2016
    Also, can I register with MCHC if I plan to return to my home country to give birth towards the end of my pregnancy?

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Would recommend signing up with Annerley for their Best of Both Worlds or A Mother's Touch who offer a similar package. Annerley charges about $19K and includes scans, antenatal checkups and home visits.

    They do a free info session every Friday and you can sign up through their site.

    To register for public care, you need to just call the nearest Hospital/ Clinic in your area and sign up. Down syndrome testing is done at the public hospital. Have a read through this article for more info.

    Pregnant in Hong Kong: Public vs. Private Hospitals - Hong Kong GeoBaby

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Hello I am currently doing some research for the half and half options and have registered for both Annerley and A Mother's Touch information sessions. Are there any other practices that offer a similar package in HK? Although both these sound like good options, I wanted to see if there were others that were less 'discoverable' online that I may not of heard of. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Tori C is offline Registered User
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    I can highly recommend the Best of Both Worlds at Annerley. They were wonderful with my first pregnancy and I have already signed up with them again for my second.

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