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Egg freezing nightmare in Bangkok

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    Ea Nitsche Holm is offline Registered User
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    Egg freezing nightmare in Bangkok

    I froze my eggs with Dr wivat in Bangkok 2.5 years ago, intending to use them to have a baby as a single woman using donor sperm when I was ready. I decided to go ahead next year and therefore contacted the clinic to enquire about exact pricing. I was informed that the law has changed and only the husbands sperm of a married couple is allowed to be used for this purpose, I was also told that the new law bans bringing MY frozen eggs out of Thailand. I went through the process of freezing at age 35 because I was told after a fertility test at 35 that I probably only had one year of fertility left. Now at age almost 38 I am panicking that my only chance to have a baby is held hostage in Thailand. I am devastated. I have been searching the interet forums ect but have found noone else in my situation and everything about the new law is concerning surrogates and not transport or usage of own frozen eggs. Does anyone out there have a similar experience and any idea what to do? Thanks

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    Howyin_B is offline Registered User
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    Hi there

    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I don't have sound advice that can help you but I wanted to see how you're getting on and if you're in a better position now?

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    mingmay Guest

    Hi, really sorry to hear of the situation. I have no advice for you on what to do about the eggs in Thailand, but I would suggest you consider doing a fresh round of tests to see your fertility situation right now before you panic anymore. I don't know your conditions or why your fertility would change dramatically after 35, but your best bet is to see a fertility specialist in HK now (check the other posts for recommendations) and see what the conditions are first, then decide if you should do any more egg freezing elsewhere. I know cost is a huge factor as well, but you might want to mitigate any more time lost by freezing a new round while working on what to do about Thailand, which might take a while.

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    mingmay Guest

    Maybe you can also ring a few reputable Thai clinics to ask if single patients were allowed to transport the frozen eggs overseas. See if that gives you an clues.

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