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Dr. Ghosh - Natural deliveries?

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    Dr. Ghosh - Natural deliveries?

    Has anyone here delivered via Dr. Ghosh through the natural delivery (non-C-section) path?

    I am looking for a Dr. who is pro-natural births and will not push a C-section until the last moment (unless absolutely necessary, medically).

    I have read the prior threads but I don't personally know anyone who has used Dr. Ghosh for natural delivery so wanted to ask for feedback.

    PS - the costs may be a little outdated, happy to share what I was quoted but Matilda + Dr. Ghosh natural delivery with Epidural comes to be a total of $140-150k today (including consultations, tests, misc, delivery, anesthetics etc). Paying out of pocket so counting every item

    Would it be ok to ask private doctors to allow some tests done at QMH (public) and save $8-$12k there?

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    Aug 2016
    someone please help!

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    Hi there!

    Am afraid I can't help with Dr Ghosh feedback as I worked with another doctor and delivered twice at Queen Mary, but, yes, you can definitely ask him (or any private doctor) whether you can save money by getting some tests or even check ups done in the public system.

    I would suggest that you be honest you are paying out of pocket and see what he is happy to offer. He owns his own practice. He is the boss, right? So you can try 'bargaining' with him.

    Also, if you are keen on a vaginal delivery, why not go public?

    I've had two fantastic deliveries at Queen Mary, one with epidural and one drug free.

    I thought QM was much much much better than the private hospital I delivered in in Singapore.

    And you can continue to see a private doctor on the side. The savings are huge!!!

    Good luck!

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    I didn't deliver with Dr Ghosh and switched after my 2nd trimester. He's a great Dr and is loved by many in HK.
    During my time (14 years ago ) he was known for recommending c-sections. I believe that's changed now and he's doing more natural births.

    You can let him know you're on a budget and would like to take advantage of the free testing at QM. He should be open to it.

    Wait time at appts can be long.
    Founder of GeoBaby.Com

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