Hi dear!

I know it's comparing apple to orange!

I just got an offer from KCIS from the waiting list ; while my daughter just started her K1 @ Precious Blood local school. Since my husband thinks the school seems quite relaxing and teachers there are very sincere!

Since I will be having a second child soon; and I am a work mom. I just though if both kids study at KCIS might be easier for me; since I know lots of local parents need to prepare to search for P1 schooling since K2. It seems very stressful for both parent and the kid.

Would it be better if we really take the international stream? Since KCIS specialised in both Mandarin and English!
Would KCIS be also very competitive and intense? We attended their interview session, it just like the local school but in English and international classroom set up. Totally unlike the IMS.

Well we gave up on the IMS (even me and my daughter both like it) because of the expensive non- refundable debenture.

I need some advice from you all