Dear Mommies

I am newly pregnant, and a first timer at that, so pretty nervous about the whole situation! I have a strong preference to go for a natural delivery, and I have heard that many doctors in Hong Kong will pressure you to go for a C-section at the last minute to save their time.

I have seen Dr. Michelle Tsui for the first time recently. From my short encounter, she seemed fine as a doctor, although she does seem quite busy (very difficult to make appointments at convenient times), and the nurses a bit abrupt. As well, her delivery charges, at HKD55,000 for natural, seem to be really high, even comparing to other docs based in Central and delivering at private hospitals in Hong Kong.

Could any other mommies share their feedback with Dr Tsui? Is she worth the price premium? Are there other docs - who are pro natural birth - which could be good options?

Thanks very much