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Issue with mother-in-law

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    Lightbulb Issue with mother-in-law

    Hello moms, I need some resourceful insights from you guys! I know this is not the smartest thing to do in terms of sharing personal life in public. But I could really use some advice from my fellows.

    I've been married for around half year now, the married life with my hubby is simply wonderful. But one thing has been bothering both of us after married: my mother-in-law. To be fair, she was a friendly person before we got married, she treated us with respect and we were happy when we see each other. Although there are difference between the two families in terms of upbringing and culture, I thought I could handle it.

    Yet, things spiraled downhill after we married. She keeps yelling at my husband every time she meet with us, she complain about everything (e.g. saying that he is not returning home enough just by visiting her once a week; we should not have bought a double bed in black; wives shouldn't wash their underwear with husband's, etc.). She yelled and screamed 7 out of 10 times we meet up, for something that is not rational. My husband's family members (incl. father-in-law and his brother) weren't supportive to calm mother-in-law every time she goes crazy.

    Now both my husband and I are extremely stressed about it. I wanted to share this with my friends but I am worried that my friend will see me as a negative person if I keep bringing this up... I don't know who to talk to or what should I do really.

    Anyone got similar experience, or any advice please?

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    i am on the same boat ! I am the husband though.

    There's no real solution i think! Do you know if the mom is going through menopause? Perhaps you could move farther away from the mom or limit contact, so that you can see her less and at least be stressed in fewer days. For me even I meet my mom more she will get pissed for random reasons , and if I meet her less she will complain too. so I would rather meet her less, that way at least me and my wife can have more space for ourselves and less time being yelled at.

    We are both very tired of her yelling at us all the time as if we are not already stressed enough taking care of the baby and work, and our own everyday lives. that's why I cannot stand living close to her and would rather live far from her! i know this sounds harsh, but it is as if we live happier lives if she were not a part of us!

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