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Where can I do a HSG test ?

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    Where can I do a HSG test ?


    I suffered a late 2nd trimester miscarriage 2 months ago and want to do a couple of tests before trying to have another baby. I consulted with an MFM specialist who had more of a "let's see if this happens again..." attitude and wouldn't do further investigation.

    I want to do a HSG test to eliminate some conditions and want to know if I should go to another doctor or will any clinic do this for me on request ?

    Would appreciate some some suggestions.


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    I went to a gyn and got a referral. I think the lab need a referral letter to process the test.

    Not sure they speak english but the lab I had mine done is Alpha Medical Diagnostic & Laboratory Center in Mong Konk. T:23978883

    I agree with you though. My gp said to wait but I insisted on tests and got referred to a gyn who sent me for a hsg after doing other tests which all showed everything as fine but hsg showed otherwise so really glad I had it done otherwise I would have wasted another couple of years.

    You can just got directly to a private gyn to get a referral letter if the lab won't take you directly.

    I'd recommend my Doc. - Dr Tracy Yeung, Hong Kong Reproductive Health Center if you need a gyn. Speaks great english and really good bedside manner.

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