My husband and I have been married for 3 years. He has always been very clear about waiting for few years and then have a baby and I was totally fine with it. Recently, we were having a conversation about babies and it came as a shock when my husband said that he is ready now and we need to start trying this year. This came as a shock and I am still nervous about it. It was totally unexpected.

There are few things that I am worried about:
1) I will turn 29 this year and my husband (32 this year) keeps reminding me about my biological clock and the problems associated with pregnancy after 30 years. I have come across women who has had difficult and easy pregnancy after 30 so I just wonder if it gets really difficult after 30 years. Does it always come with complications?

2) I recently moved to Hong Kong (5 months back) and I am planning to do a one year Masters course here. I am in the middle of sending out applications. I will be done by next April 2018) and would like to work at least for one year to have a baby. So we are talking about waiting for two more years before trying to have a baby. I tried reasoning with my husband about this but he said that maybe I can get pregnant towards end of this year and deliver the baby once I am done with the course, take few months break and start applying for jobs meanwhile. I don't know how difficult or easy is to handle studies and pregnancy simultaneously.

3) At times, I am scared about the whole things. I am even terrified to hold a baby so you can imagine my BP going up every time someone mentions about having a baby.

Please I need suggestions before I go crazy!!

Thanks in advance!