Hey all, thanks for reading this post!

We are a gay couple in our 30's living in Hong Kong. I'm Caucasian, grew up in the UK. My partner is Chinese (Hong Kong) and grew up overseas.

At the moment we are in the initial stages of starting a family, having already identified a clinic and surrogacy agency to use (in Canada). Canada is really the only country for us that practically makes sense with regards to being legal, affordable and being able to bring back our child to HK.

It is an option that I will be the biological father, and as such we are looking for a 100% Chinese (Hong Kong is ideal) egg donor so our child would be 100% ethnically fitting (i.e. 50% Chinese, 50% Caucasian).

We are both awesome people and want to raise our own family. We go to church most weeks. We have fun jobs (no bankers or lawyers here), and university educated.

Anyway, if this is something you could be interested in helping us with, we would love to hear some more information about you, your background and what you do etc.

Look forward to hopefully hearing back from you.

Many thanks,