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Feeling uneasy about having a helper

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    Feeling uneasy about having a helper


    We are moving to Hong Kong at the beginning of August. Our idea for the move was that while I worked my husband was to initially look after the children, allowing time to search for a helper. He has however just been offered a job he can't refuse and so now we will both be starting work a week after arriving in Hong Kong. I know that we need a helper to do school/ Kindergarten runs with my 7 and 3 year old but I'm feeling uneasy about having someone live in who we can't really get to know properly. Did others find it uneasy having someone live in? How did you go about finding a reliable helper, especially with still being in the UK? Is two months from now a long enough period?
    Thank you

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    I'm already living in Hong Kong with my husband and we're in a similar situation as I'm expecting my first child in December and we both work full time so need to find a domestic helper. We have a bit longer to find one and are fortunate that we can meet them in person. We've started on expat sites where helpers advertise themselves. We'll interview quite a few to get an idea of what issues we might have and so we have a better basis of comparison. Good luck with your search, it feels very alien to us too and a daunting task. Will be interested to read advice from other people.

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    I have the same feeling of having a stranger living together with us.
    That's one of the reasons why I'm sending my daughter to a whole-day kindergarten school (as I mentioned in another thread). I normally drop my daughter off around 8AM & pick her up around 7PM, which is ok.
    But she's about to graduate soon & the primary school she got into doesn't have after-school day care service. So we applied to one NGO center close to our place (& still in waiting list.....) The NGO is really nice & offered another service where we can leave our kids with a volunteer. For me, the problem is the kids will stay at the volunteer's place (not at the NGO center). Although I believe the volunteers must have passed the screenings but still I don't feel comfortable leaving my daughter with a stranger at her place.
    Does anyone have experience with this kind of service?

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    I am a working mom in Hong Kong. Believe me, it's not only for expats like you, all local moms are facing the same issue everyday. We go to local forums for helpers, we call them auntie, meet with them, chat a bit, and it's all about trust. Some take care of kids full time, some have their own kids, make some money to take care of one more... And they are always looking for higher pay (taking care of NB babies). I have to look for new aunties about every 6 months....
    Am considering quitting my job to take care of my kid full time... cause I cannot find a long term auntie. Headache.

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    me2, it can be a frightening. Its better to ask a friend for referral than interviewing a total stranger.

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