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Volunteer required for free counselling

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    Volunteer required for free counselling

    Not sure if this is the right place but here goes...

    Hi there, I'm a student pursuing my Masters in Counseling. I am looking for a volunteer client to conduct counselling sessions, in fulfilment of my course requirements.

    The volunteer would receive three to five free counselling sessions, of which the last session would be video recorded. If the volunteer is not comfortable with the video recording, then I can align the camera in such a way that his/ her face will not be seen, though their voice will be recorded. The video will be viewed ONLY by myself and another student who will conduct the peer evaluation. These evaluations (not the video) will then be reviewed by our professor. I may have to discuss certain details with the Professor for guidance and in the best interest of the volunteer client, but their information will be dealt with respectfully and in confidence. The purpose of this assignment is personal development and peer-evaluation of my counselling methods.

    The only criteria for participation are that the volunteer has to be 18 years of age or older, must speak and read English, and should not have been diagnosed with clinical depression/ suicidal tendency. Each session will be around 45-60 minutes long and will be conducted in English, at a centre in Causeway Bay.

    If any potential volunteer has any questions about my assignment or is interested to volunteer, glad if you could pm me.

    In case you need to travel to the centre to meet me, I will be glad to compensate your travelling expenses if you desire.

    I need to begin conducting the interviews soon so any leads would be helpful. Please do feel free to share this post with any of your friends who may be able to benefit from this or who may know others who may be able to use this service.


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    Just checking if anybody is interested. Thanks

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