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Where to go for OHSS in Hk if I’ve done my ivf abroad

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    Where to go for OHSS in Hk if I’ve done my ivf abroad

    Hello all.
    I’m doing my IVF in India because I am not married and therefore cannot do it in HK. I have just done my egg retrieval yesterday and the doctor said that I have responded a little too well to the drugs so there is a risk that I will get ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome after embryo transfer when I get back to HK. I promised her to seek medical help immediately if I should start to show symptoms (I’m feeling rather rough and very bloatedtoday, so I’m hoping it is not already happening)
    My question is; where do you recommend I seek help if this happens? I obviously can’t go to my IVF clinic as it is in India. Can I approach the public hospitals or would a private fertility clinic be better? I’m just trying to be prepared for what might come. Thanks so much

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    I would think it would be best to find a private Dr in Hong Kong.

    Dr Sally Ferguson is back in Hong Kong and working at Lauren Bramley's office. Also, Dr Derek Lo specializes in fertility.

    Got my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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