I am a father born in Hong Kong with two kids.
I can speak in Cantonese / English / Mandarin.
I graduated in the University of Hong Kong with major in History and I completed the MBA degree in International Management in the University of London.

My elder kid is 3 year old and my younger kid is 1 year old.
My older kid can speak in Cantonese and he can understand English as well. They also can hear simple Mandarin.

I want them to learn German.

I hope my kids can play with other kids in German speaking.
They can learn reciprocal languages by playing / studying / reading together so that any kids in German speaking can also learn Cantonese / Mandarin / English from me and my kids as well.

I trust that playing / studying / reading can make kids master foreign language fast.

If any interest, please feel free to email me by [email protected]

I am also open to other suggestion that can make both of our kids learn other language in a natural and enjoyable way.


William Sham