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Dr Noella Lo or a kind female doctor in TST

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    Mar 2016

    Dr Noella Lo or a kind female doctor in TST

    Has anyone seen or have experience with Dr Noella Lo in TST, at the Femina Health. I have seen a few male doctors for checkups in Central but have not been clicking with them. So im interested in trying seeing a female doctor on Kowloon side. Recommendations or advice will be appreciated.

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    Aug 2016

    I haven't met with Dr Noella Lo but I have recently met with Dr Alexander Yip in TST who is head of OBGYN department at Union Hospital (which I take as a strong indicator of his experience and ability).

    Just as important (to me) is that he has excellent bedside manner, being very gentle, calm and patient with us as first timers. He didn't rush or brush off any of our newbie questions or concerns and I felt like he was genuinely happy for us to enjoy the experience.

    I know he's not female (I was hoping for a female doctor initially) but I had a very hard time finding just ANY doctor with acceptable bedside manner and Dr. Yip just really put me at ease.

    Hope it helps!

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    Daria Lavrel is offline Registered User
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    Hello! I am going to register with Dr Noella tomorrow, my due date is in the beginning of November. I have met her ones already for my first screening, she seemed nice, but I don't know if she is an experienced doctor and I haven't found any reviews on her on the Internet. Have you met her or found any feedbacks? Any info will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance ^^

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